Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How Exercise Benefits One's Sex Life

The only real way to prevent the sluggishness, overweight, depression, winter hibernation and overindulgence of comfort foods is to exercise.

Aerobic activity increases the heart rate, blood flow, and circulation which means it is easier to become aroused. If you are worried about smelling, you can always shower together. On the other hand, sweat contains pheromones, or sexual hormones, a key ingredient to sexual chemistry. Usually if you use deodorant, fresh sweat doesn’t smell bad. Only when bacteria is left and grows is there the putrid smell associated with B.O..

Besides the instant benefits of circulation and hormones, exercising regularly will help the overall sex drive in men and women. Regular aerobic activity provides more energy, circulation, a balanced immune system and battles depression. But physical exercise before going to bed with someone also provides the body with a release of extra hormones, pheromones and increase in circulation which will aid in the ability to ahem, GET IT ON! Oh, yeah, and people always talk about how many calories are burned when you have sex, too. I guess that depends on how aerobic you are.

Here are a few ideas for exercise to increase circulation and getting those pheromones rolling:

Go the to the gym together.
Take a stroll  after dinner.
Go dancing. Ladies love a man who can dance. And they'll love a man who just tries to dance too!
Yoga or meditation.
Hiking in a scenic forest.
A walk in the moonlight.
Sunset on the beach.
Play a sport.
If you happen to be taking dance classes and want to show off, your partner will probably be a willing subject.
Vacuuming--way more romantic if a man does this as chore play to show off how great he is to his wife.