Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The History Sex: The English Overcoat

 A quiz on the history of sex

History doesn’t have to be boring. Let’s see if you can guess the answers to some of these questions below:

1. What does the slang “English overcoat” mean?

2. What popular item is rumored to have come from the town of Condom, France?

3. What kind of ‘covering’ do the 2000 year old cave paintings in Combarelles, France depict was being used by a man? (If anyone has a photo of that from their vacation, please feel free to send it to me for educational purposes, of course.)

4. What famous womanizer made the use of condoms popular?

5. Which tire company discovered the vulcanization of rubber which made mass production of condoms possible?

6. In what year did it become possible to send condoms in the mail?

You can probably guess the answers to some of these questions. If not, perhaps you would be interested in finding the answers at Delilah Marvelle’s September blogpost, The History of the Overcoat:

Delilah Marvelle is a historical romance writer, sexual history buff and author of Lord of Pleasure and Mistress of Pleasure. Each month, Delilah features a different sexually educational article on her blog. January’s blog is called, The Art of Flagellation in which you can learn who invented a machine in the 1800’s that could whip 20 people at once, which country was reputed to be the ‘home of the art of flagellation’ and other interesting facts. The November 2009 article, Aphrodisiacs for Freaks covers strange aphrodisiacs used throughout the ages. June 2009, Lord of Gallantry, talks about what risqué subjects were censored from Shakespeare’s plays for the modern audience. Delilah’s blog makes history fun, delving into the clandestine subjects the average person would like to know more about.

To learn more about the history of sex through out the ages, check out Delilah Marvelle’s blog: