Saturday, July 19, 2014

Woman's World Guidelines

Recently I gave a presentation at Rose City Romance Writers (RCRW) in Portland, Oregon on using short stories as a marketing tool. We talked about the benefits of writing short stories, the process of submitting and how to analyze a market one might want to break into. One of the popular romance markets is Woman's World, though in the previous two blog posts I list many other romance specific markets and markets that accept fiction that are open to romance. Below is information on Woman's World.

Romance guidelines:

We buy contemporary romances of 800 words. Stories must revolve around a compelling, true-to-life relationship dilemma; may feature either a female or male protagonist; and may be written in either the first or third person. Characters may be married, single, divorced or widowed; should be down-to-earth (no yuppies or jet-setters); and their dilemma should be poignantly or humorously conveyed. Please think carefully about a story's setting, mood and plot, and tell the story with interesting action and dialogue. (Every sentence, paragraph, and scene of the story should deliver more information about your characters and their situation and/or briskly advance the storyline).

We are not interested in stories involving life-or-death matters, nor are we interested in fluffy, flyaway-style romance. When we say romance, what we really mean is relationship--whether it's just beginning or is  about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The emphasis in our stories is on real life-which is why we do not buy science fiction, fantasy or historical romance.

We pay $800 per romance and retain First North American Serial Rights for six months after publication.

Mini mystery guidelines:

We purchase short "solve-it-yourself" mysteries of 700 words--a count that includes the narrative and the solution. Stories should be cleverly plotted, entertaining cliffhangers that end with a challenge to the reader to figure out whodunnit or howdunnit. The solution to the mystery is provided in a separate box.

Robbery, burglary, fraud and murder are acceptable subjects, but spare the readers any gory details or excessive violence, please!  We are also not interested in ghost stories, science fiction or fantasy.

We pay $500 per mystery and retain First North American Serial Rights for six months after publication.


Manuscripts should be double-spaced in legible size type.

Where to send manuscripts: Fiction Editor, Woman's World, 270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632. Indicate Mini Mystery or Romance on the envelope.

How to send manuscripts: (1) You must include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to receive a reply. Manuscripts not accompanied by a SASE will be discarded. Note: A #10 SASE is

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Short Story Markets that Accept Romance

These markets will accept romance, but be advised, they are not specifically geared toward the romance genre. Some are speculative but will accept fantasy romance or a fantasy with a romance, etc.

Wisdom Crieth Without
Rhyming and metered Poetry, art, short stories, Hearth felt stories of the human condition
6¢ per word, up to $240 per story

The Foghorn
comedy, adventure, sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, horror
($1000, 1200 – 8500 words)
Temp closed--check back later

Three Penny Review
General fiction, memoir, reviews and articles
Fiction and poetry,
$400, .doc. less than 4000 words OPEN Jan-June CLOSED?

Metro Moms
Literary, women’s fiction, fantasy, historical, paranormal, romance, and science fiction.
Flash: $25 (generally 900 and 1100 words), single-spaced with double spaces between paragraphs.
Temp closed to submissions?

Crossed Genres,
Sci-fi, horror, fantasy mixed with current genre,
Payment: 5 cents a word, 1-8000 words ($25 for cover art), free E-Book, use submission form

Untied Shoelaces of the Mind,
Categories: romance, sci fi/fantasy, humor, horror, recipes
3 cents a word, 100-2,000 words
Closed until Jan 2016

The Crucible Contest
all genres
$150 for prize winners, up to 8000 words,

Glimmer Train Press Content
Fiction, preferably with a literary bent
Keep an eye out for free entry periods

959 Eighth Avenue, NY, NY 10019
Contact: Fiction Editor
Original short fiction and novel condensations. Looks for reader identification.
Freelancer’s odds are overwhelming, but all submissions are read
Send complete ms. Manuscripts will not be returned. Response on acceptance only. Length:1500 words (short-shorts); 5000 words (short stories); novel, no restriction
Pays $1000 minimum to new writers

Redbook Magazine
224 W. 57th Street, NY, NY 10019
Contact: Fiction Department
Looks for reader identification (young married women, 25-44). Freelancer’s odds are overwhelming, but good writing receives encouragement. Send ms. with SASE
Pays $1000 minimum

850 Third Avenue, NY, NY 10022-6258
Contact: Fiction Editor
Publishes 4-5 new writers/year. Literary short stories which include, but are not limited to female teenage experience
Length: 750-3500 words
Pays $700-2500

Wily Writers Audible Fiction
horror, fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance, mystery, adventure
5 cents, up to 4000 words?
temp closed

Cincinnati Woman Magazine, Niche Publishing and Media, P.O. Box 8170, West Chester OH 45069-8170. Tel: (513)851-8916. Fax: (513)851-8916. E-mail: Monthly magazine covering women’s issues. Accepts: Fiction mss of 700-1,200 words. Topics include adventure, confession, horror, humorous, mainstream, mystery, religious, romance, slice-of-life vignettes. Contact: Alicia Wiehe, publisher. Terms: Pays $30 on publication for one-time rights. Submissions: Query with clips or send complete ms. Accepts queries by mail or e-mail.

Gulfshore Life, The Magazine of Southwest Florida (, 9051 North Tamiami Trail N., Suite 202, Naples FL 34108. Tel: (239)594-9980. Fax: (239)594-9986. E-mail: Magazine published 10 times/year for southwest Florida, the workings of its natural systems, its history, personalities, culture and lifestyle. Accepts: Nonfiction mss of 500-3,000 words. Topics and forms include historical, interview/profile, issue/trend. All articles must be related to southwest Florida. Contact: Bob Morris, editor. Terms: Pays $100-1,000 on publication for first North American serial rights. Submissions: Query with clips by mail, e-mail or fax.

Fiction Fix (,, W242-A Madison Ave., Oconomowoc WI 53066. E-mail: Monthly online publication covering writing and publishing. Accepts: Nonfiction mss of 800-1,000 words. Topics and forms include how-to (on the craft of writing fiction), opinion, personal experience (writing/how-to related). Contact: Miranda Fuller. Terms: Pays $20-30 for original feature articles on publication for e-rights, including nonexclusive ability to archive (removed at writer’s request). Submissions: Query by e-mail.