Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aphrodisiacs: Miracle Herbs and Common Supplements to Aid in Sexual Function

Aphrodisiacs have been around for thousands of years. Two thousand years ago men applied black pepper to their genitals to cure impotence, men still ingest dangerous substances such as Spanish Fly and belladona, endangered animals are poached in order to be made into aphrodisiacs. When Viagra first came out it was pretty common to hear stories about old men with heart conditions who weren’t supposed to take it, yet they found a way to acquire some and then died. Hopefully happy.

As an alternative to black market aphrodisiacs that kill endangered species—or you, let’s look at some cheap, natural ingredients and supplements. These aphrodisiacs work by aiding in sexual function naturally by making up for the nutrition that the body is lacking.

What it’s found in
Black pepper
Spicy food
The alkaloid affects the mucous lining of the genitals and stimulates the organs in men.

Coffee, chocolate, energy drinks
The caffeine stimulates the body
Chili peppers, cayenne pepper, curry, garlic, spicy food
The heat of capsaicin stimulates endorphins and nerve endings when ingested. Also high in Vitamin C and good for circulation.
Chocolate (my favorite drug)
Cocoa, chocolate, candy, etc.
Chocolate has over 30 chemicals that stimulate, relax, release endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, etc.


Herbal supplement, liquor (in a bottle shaped like a woman)
This South American plant contains chemicals that increase sensitivity in the genitals.
Fava beans

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain necessary to increase libido and decrease depression.
Common root herb
The heat aids in increasing sexual desires. Also keeps mosquitoes away, so be sure to have some before a romantic or unromantic camping trip.
Root/spice found in supermarkets, pumpkin pie, stir-fries, etc.
This spice stimulates the circulatory system and aids digestion.
Supplement found in vitamins and herbal stores.
This supplement increases circulation and aids sexual dysfunction, causes the release of nitric oxide, and widens the blood vessels and erectile tissue. Also good for the memory, so you will have the added benefit of remembering your recreational activities.  (Not to be taken by people with heart disease or blood thinning drugs.)

Very common in Korean food and some Japanese food, found in teas, soups, dietary supplements and raw.
This plant usually grown in Korea, relaxes muscles, increases circulation and acts as a hormonal stimulant. (Similar to Viagra.)

Kava kava
Supplement found in the health food store
This Polynesian aphrodisiac aids in relaxation.

Supplement found in the health food store
This amino acid increases the nitric oxide in the blood vessel walls to maintain erection.

Red wine, aged cheese, chocolate
In small amounts, increases arousal, stimulates the senses, and causes relaxation. Too much can cause headaches, fatigue and a lack of sexual desire.

Soy products, cardamom, saffron
A plant chemical that mimics estrogen and helpful for women. This decreases; vaginal dryness, cholesterol, the likelihood of some cancers, and the side effects of menopause such as lowered sex drive.

Chlorogenic acid  


Aiding sexual stimulation.

Black beans
Amino acid that relaxes.
***Yohimbe Bark (nature’s Viagra)
Must purchase in a healthfood store
It increases circulation, enhances libido, fights depression by releasing serotonin in the brain, relieves impotence caused by stress, fatigue or tension.

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